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If you’re not in Los Angeles; no worries! I have numerous clients outside of LA, located all over the US.

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Located in Los Angeles?

Let’s discuss your graphic design needs and meet! I’ve helped numerous businesses and individuals in Los Angeles portray a best in class image.

Graphic Design for Personal Use

I’ve created graphic designs for personal events and memorabilia pieces, as well, which are a lot of fun. I love creating beautiful designs that make an event memorable or add personal meaning in an artistic manner.

Graphic Design for Business

Undoubtedly, great design brings in significant benefits to a business. There are many studies showing how important design is in converting customers and how the perception of a business attracts and retains customers. My personal experience in working locally with businesses on a long-term basis has allowed me to see how branding and an image make-over can truly impact and grow a company. In some ways, a great graphic design can sell your products and services and attract the right audience.

Graphic design is a strategy, as much as the elements it uses, such as the colors, text, graphics, and proportions. Excellence in graphic design pulls people in.

Contact By mail only: 21781 Ventura Blvd. #71A, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

Call or message freelance graphic designer, Linda Sturling at 818-964-0967. Are you in Los Angeles? If it suits you, we can meet, in person.