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Here at Freelance Graphic Design Los Angeles, our services are reliable, timely, and high quality. Linda Sturling designs opportunities for your business that are thoughtfully made.

Graphic Design Art Los Angeles

Here’s what I specialize in:

First-Class Graphic Design

If you want graphic design that makes an impact and captivates while also contributing to the desired affect, such as conversions, then you’re in good hands. I specialize in creating high quality designs that add value and contribute to the bottom line.

Web Design

I do web design for a full array of different types of businesses and industries in Los Angeles and other states. My web designs are cross-device friendly and mobile responsive; that is, they are tested and look great on any device, desktop, tablet and mobile phones. I use leading web development and design software in creating websites that are feature rich.

Logo Design

Need a logo? If you want to update your existing logo with a more modern appearance or you need a logo designed that is reflective of your professionalism, I’d love to discuss your vision with you.

Business Card Design

Your business card is one of the most important tools in marketing. I make business card designs that are unique (not from cookie cutter templates) for your business, with personalized text, graphics and reflect your business and who you are. If you need a business card to make a great first impression, and give something to remember you by, call or message me now.

Brochure Design

I create beautiful brochures that don’t bore, but rather showcases your product or services and engages them. My custom designed brochures are a sophisticated way to portray your services or products. A professional and highly effective brochure distinguishes and succinctly details your business.

Postcard Design

Drive sales and awareness with professionally designed custom postcards. I create postcards that are visually appealing because people will want to hang on to them.

Packaging Design

I do packaging design that makes products fly off the shelves. Tell me about your project and let’s discuss your goals for your custom product package.

Direct Mail Design

You want someone with a great amount of experience and creativity in direct mail design to stand out from the rest, including postcards, newsletters, flyers, holiday cards, invitations, and branded client communications.

Design of Billboards

I’ve designed billboards for huge well-known corporate clients and small mom and pop shops. If you want a billboard that is effective and digestible in a few seconds, inquire about my graphic design of billboards.

Design of Digital Banner and Print Ads

A ton of experience and creativity in digital banner and print ad design garners results that blows people away. I know the ins and outs of the different types of media, their requirements and how to design appropriately and with the wow effect in each.

Email Design

Do you need an email design with high click through and read rates? You’re at the right place. In addition to the email design, I can also setup the internet subscription software for email delivery.

Design of Mobile Apps

I use the latest technologies and tools in the design of mobile apps which are cost-effective, efficient and beautiful with a ton of features available.

Design of Client Communications

As a professional business, you want to be certain client communications are designed and branded with the marketing image showing how much you value your customers and reminding them of of your brand’s best assets and professionalism.

Social Media Design

Everyone knows how vital and useful social media is for business, so let your social media design reflect the best about your business. I’m experienced in designing social media profiles, organic posts, and paid social media campaigns. Contact me for more information on social media design and branding business profile pages.

Call or message Linda Sturling at 818-964-0967. Are you in Los Angeles? If it suits you, we can meet, in person.